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Having served Saint John for over 10 years, Serene Physique has proven itself as an authority in the area for relaxing massages, injury treatment, and general wellness.

Always eager to help, our facility offers a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere with the hopes of making each visit the best one you have!

Check out the many services we offer, including massage therapy, hot stone massage, onsite corporate services, and, of course, our complimentary hot towels, Epsom salt foot soaks, and herbal teas! Don't need that for yourself? We have Gift Certificates available for you to treat someone you care about to a pampering visit.

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Whether you’ve had a tough day at work or just feel like treating yourself to something nice, a massage is always a good choice. A relaxing massage tends to be slower, with lighter pressure, but still has plenty of health benefits. Stimulating nerve-endings and the nervous system, decreasing blood pressure, and improving blood circulation are some nice side-effects of pampering yourself!



Deep-Tissue and other forms of massage can have a huge impact on helping to rehabilitate and heal your body after injury. By helping your body to pump more oxygen and nutrients, and by relaxing the muscles, a massage can reduce swelling, loosen scar tissue, flush waste from your muscles and in general speed up the healing process. All of our therapists are trained in treatment massage.



Massages are well known to release endorphins, decrease stress, assist with anxiety and depression, and generally improve your well-being. Whether it’s affecting you mentally or physically, your stressors can be addressed by the appropriate massage therapy. Of course, backing up our massages with the ultimate comforts, including complimentary teas and hot towels, doesn’t hurt!

Our Enivronment


Our environment is warm from the moment you walk in. The rustic decor and the sounds of nature during your treatment carry you to a place of serenity.


Our Mission


Our mission is to provide the utmost knowledge and experience to our clients to attain the physical serenity your body needs and deserves.

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