Canadian Corporations spend $20 Billion Dollars Annually on Soft Tissue and Stress Related Illness


We can change that!

My name is Kimberley Vincent, I own Serene Physique, Massage Therapy Inc in Saint John NB. I have been in the field of Massage Therapy for 18+ years. As an expert in the field of Massage Therapy, I have become increasingly aware of the need of Massage Therapy onsite of the corporate workplace. The future of Health & Wellness is becoming embedded directly into the workplace, where clients spend most of their time. Serene Physique would like to work with your cooperation.

Onsite Corporate Massage Therapy

Your corporation could experience tremendous benefits such as :

• Increased employee mental health & productivity

• Decrease in soft tissue related injuries

• Increased moral & decrease in absenteeism

• Improved profitability of the corporation

All the while being paid by the employees health plan.
We have a model to fit your company. From a set up and tear down model available weekly, to being embedded into your organization and available daily, we have a model for your company! Let’s work Together!


Adapting to our “New Normal” Post COVID-19 


We understand you are concerned about health and employee wellness during these times. Perhaps you have a team working remotely?  We now offer Virtual Sessions for those working from home or the office and are unable to attend in person.

We can:

  • Perform a virtual assessment including a health history
  • Perform an orthopedic assessments
  • Develop a clinical impression of the condition
  • Create a treatment plan including remedial exercises, stretches, and tools to use from home
  • Provide ongoing follow ups with the client via virtual appointments
  • All with the end goal of creating a healthier and happier employee for your company

Do you want to assist your whole team together?  We can do that as well…. through virtual meeting technology, we can host a team meeting to bring your team the best in self help techniques to improve their prognosis and productivity. Let’s Virtually Talk!

We are working with our Provincial College (CMTNB) to ensure all necessary protocols are in place for your safety and the safety of our team. We wish you all the best in health and happiness today and tomorrow!